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Supporting regeneration in Cumbria

This website was created to help in the regeneration of Cumbria by attempting to achieve the following three things:

  1. Introduce and direct you as easily as possible to many of the organisations and projects that can provide help and support in Cumbria
  2. Highlight some of the issues that affect people, communities and businesses in Cumbria
  3. Provide a place for you to comment on what you think the issues are and to say what you would like to see happen to help resolve them

To do this we have provided links to many of the organisations providing support in Cumbria and also outlined some current projects. We've highlighted many of the issues facing the county and are inviting you to take part in some very short surveys and submit your ideas. The ideas that you and others provide are displayed in the your ideas section.


Cumbria is unique and beautiful, it's a place that many people feel passionately about, but it is facing significant changes that affect a great many of us. The lack of affordable housing, a loss of its young people, an absence of well-paid work, the closure of large employers and continuing changes in agriculture are some of the areas causing concern for many of the county's residents. The organisations and projects on this website are here to help make a difference.



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